2005 Acura NSX

NSX is a true breakthrough in Acura's supercar engineering in terms of performance and elegance.

Acura NSX specifications
Top Speed: 270 km/h / 168 mph
Power: 290 HP (216 kW)
Engine: V6 3.2 liter, DOHC 24-valve
This Acura racing car combines first class performance and it's specific style with exceptionally easy drivability and maneuverability. This exotic car was developed by experienced and well known engineers that worked on race cars for years, thus the NSX model sets a new benchmark for technology used in Acura racing cars. The 2005 NSX model features a removable roof panel for driving, which makes this car really fascinating: a modern racing coupe with luxurious comfort features is not something you can find every day.
acura nsx yellow
Acura NSX is surprisingly easy to handle even at the fastest imaginable speeds.
acura nsx back
Acura NSX's back view reminds us, that this is a Japanese supercar.
acura nsx blue
Acura NSX is a car of our dreams, which originally comes in three different colors: yellow, blue and red.