2003 Dodge Tomahawk

Tomahawk is the most powerful motorcycle, that is not using space technologies.

Dodge Tomahawk specifications
Top Speed: 676 km/h / 420 mph
0-100 kph: 2.6 sec.
Power: 507 HP (378 kW)
Engine: Viper V10
Dodge Tomahawk V10 superbike features an independent four-wheel suspension and its engine is taken from the famous American sports car Dodge Viper. The result is a motorcycle that outputs over 500 horse power. The production was limited to 9 units of this concept bike, which sells for a whopping $555,000. Chrysler executives said they are having serious thoughts about going mainstream with a price of $250,000 / unit, despite the fact, that these motorcycles cannot be legally driven on public roads. The rumor has it, that they cost Chrysler over $100,000 to build.
dodge tomahawk wheel
To control the engine power of Dodge Viper, this superbike is equipped with special brakes.
dodge tomahawk engine
Not everybody can brag about an engine of a supercar in their motorcycle.