2004 Ford Shelby Cobra

Classic muscle car Shelby Cobra is reborn as an exotic supercar concept, which got a lot of attention from mass-media.

Ford Shelby Cobra specifications
Top Speed: 415 km/h / 258 mph
Power: 605 HP (451 kW)
Engine: Aluminum V10
The Ford Shelby Cobra concept car is a final exotic car in the trilogy of Ford’s vehicles with greatest performance: 1st was GT40, 2nd - Mustang and now 3rd and final - Shelby Cobra. It has adopted a 6.4-liter rear-mid-engine platform from Ford GT, which was adjusted to its front-mid-engine placement. This concept car is a true rarity in the world of automotive concepts, instead of simply promising some outstanding technology in the mainstream production of the car, it can actually already do what its specifications say.
ford shelby cobra exposed
Powerful Ford GT engine in Cobra makes it a very competitive rival to other famous supercars.
shiny ford shelby cobra
Ford's Shelby stole everyone's hearts at new car exposition, not only with its shiny looks, but with the power under the hood as well.
ford shelby cobra panel
Cobra panel's style is similar to the one in Dodge Viper: it's simple. No unnecessary bells and whistles are needed, when a car is so powerful.